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The S.U.I.T.S. Present Hip-Hop & Higher Education Workshop @ Rutgers University

Photos by Big Body Ant

I Believe the children are our future!!! IMG_0447

I always told by my mother that “education was the key to survival.


With that being said; we at S.U.I.T.S. International created a diversity workshop to bridge the gap between higher education institutions and the Hip-Hop Community.


Over the last two decades Hip-Hop and it’s culture has matriculated from its raw underground infancy to the leading genre in popular music. With this year’s average incoming freshman being born in 1998, each student has a 80% chance of having a sonic experience interacting with a Hip-hop song at some point in their life. Untitled

Higher Education institutions such as Harvard, Georgetown and Duke now have initiatives that focus on Hip-Hop. However with hundreds of schools around the country still lacking the diversity of classes/students that are part of the Hip-Hop culture, we decided to do something about it.


To aid in the effort, we enlisted the help of the New Jersey based Hip-Hop collective “DEAD REBEL SOCIETY to shine some light on the plight of an emerging artist. The students engaged in an open forum of discussions ranging from ghost-writing, metaphors, similes, social media, to entrepreneurship.   IMG_0346IMG_0380

As always we end each workshop with a “Create a freestyle” team building exercise, in which groups of students work together and create an inspirational freestyle.


We would definitely like to take the time out to thank the faculty and staff at Rutgers University for giving us the opportunity to educate their phenomenal students.

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