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The Cannes Film Festival Award Winning “Ashes” by B.L.V.D. Filmworks

And the winner is…..

As you can see above, a few months ago the New Jersey native Director Temilolu Tokosi or Temi needed serious help getting to France for The Cannes Film Festival. After Temi’s successful Go-Fund-Me campaign, and a ride to the airport from a cool dude, Tem went to France to handle business.

Below is the short film “Ashes” which won the We Made it in Cannes” Film Competition for “Best Writing” and “Best Directing.” This was an on site film that took a whole team to make happen, and for that we would like to say congratulations to writer Nate Hapke, producer Viviana Mauri, actress Melissa Jean Woodside, cinematographer Zaid Dabus, and
editor Bianca Vitureira.


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