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The Art Thug Presents: The Guide To Miami Art Basel 2016

Written by Malcolm Rolling

Photography by: Mitch From Marketing

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-6-58-53-pm Kaman Marley Illustrated by Malcolm Rolling

“Sleep is for the week, pack ya shit young nigga Pack ya shit get n the lyft Sleep is for the week,  pack ya shit young nigga Pack ya shit get n the lyft Sleep is for the week pack ya shit young nigga Pack ya shit get n the lyft, get ya ass to the airport”

img_0382 img_0384 img_0385 img_0383

This plays in my head repeatedly, over and over again like a trap mantra those words pounding into my essence, Art Basel Miami I’m on the way. As i touched down in MIA  everything feels like a scene out of ‘Shottas” but I’m not Ky-MAni Marley (nigga this the art thug) no guns just aspiration of an artist.
Day 1
 Rule number for making it too Art Basel, it is not about the flair and extravagance, its about the ability to exist within the experience and capitalizing on future endeavors.
Book your flight reasonably cheap, even fly into Fort Lauderdale if you have to, its just an alternative airport. Live within in your financial means this is an art destination not a couples vacation, getting a bed & breakfast off the popular path won’t kill you. Actually living closer to the locals of Miami is a way more beneficial than you can image. Locals have all the game (information) on where to go and what to expect. List  Making is a major key (Khaled voice)  helps you to record events and activities you would like to attend. For me Art Basel was a collision of Art and Culture whipped up in a pineapple, coconut and banana cream steroid pie. Above is a portion of the galleries, pop up shows, out door vending, eateries, food stands and murals we experience at Art Basel Miami.
Montana Gallery:
img_0415 img_0417 img_0416 img_0420 img_0421
Simply Gallery:
img_0433 img_0435 img_0436 img_0437 img_0442 img_0559 img_0558 img_0557
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img_0364 img_0363
Day 2
After Day one passes and you’ve become familiar with the area its time to really put that list to use and grind the pavement. Jump around through the never ending flow of art enthusiast, marking on the journey that is an art overload. Visiting the Juxtapoz show was the biggest high light of any gallery experience that weekend. A free show hosted by Juxtopaz & Johnathan Levine gallery sponsored by Milk. This show? space embody what it means to host an art event at Art Basel. Four shows stuffed into one including Mana Gallery’s private show, Fat Joe’s performance and a secret tattoo glory whole just to name a few.  This was the one thing you couldn’t miss out on in Wynwood.
Juntapoz img_0485 img_0483 img_0487 img_0488 img_0513 img_0516 img_0481
Day 3
 One of the first things that lunge out in obvious jess while in Miami / visiting Wynwood is that Miami beach or south beach is a separate world entirely. Art Basel Miami host large museum like shows that are specifically for a certain audience ( you know who I’m talk bout) (snobs ). The streets are less crowded and the lines wrap around the corner full of snobbishly dressed attendees. But even this mash up of art enthusiast is aw inspiring. Big names in art and even bigger names in entertainment gather leading each other in the hype which is Basel. (Sensationalize thats what we do best)
Coyo Taco
img_0525 img_0524 img_0526 img_0527
Concrete Rose Brewery
img_0470 img_0478 img_0454 img_0464 img_0474
Caja Caliente
img_0575 img_0576 img_0578 img_0577
Wynwood Walls
img_0556 img_0554  img_0552 img_0553 img_0551 img_0550 img_0549  img_0548   img_0544 img_0542 img_0534
Day 4  (Words From Mitch)
4 nights 5 days within any vacation you gotta have your day of calm before you travel back. Since we didn’t do the usual south beach tourist vacation it was only right to pull up to the beach. Self reflection on such a inspirational trip was needed even though the current place was Miami the trip put Jersey in perspective.
After a long weekend of running through crowded streets, Art Galleries, popup shops, sneaker stores, music festivals, breweries, eateries, taco stands and an onslaught of personalities, the beach is a final destination just to give clarity and perspective on your entire journey. Miami is an interesting place, where tourist are  running from cold weather and locals are hiding from there fakeness/ privilege. A place where colorful scenery / Art sandwich the meat that has become societal neglect. The poor are becoming poorer, less engaged and therefore pushed out of there neighbor hoods under the guise of improvement. Every thing that you’re told about Miami is true. The parties are amazing, the women are beautiful, the weather is perfect but the real problems are ignored. Art basel for me as a young black man living in an urban city which is on an developing uprise is every fear manifested. Local artist/ artisan are pushed out for global/ nationally acclaimed talent. At what price does genuine interest become gentrification. Soon Miami will loose all of its culture and all that’ll be left is an amusement park of destination spots. Please come visit us we have everything you like, Sex, Drugs and violence( thats what you like rih?)
img_0531 img_0444 img_0393 img_0379 img_0376 img_0507 img_0498 img_0371 img_0369 img_0368 img_0475img_0451 img_0449  img_0584 img_0583 img_0582 img_0580