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Pusher T x Jay Z = Drug Dealers Anonymous (New Audio)

New Album from Pusha T: King Push "Darkest Before Dawn" Coming Soon

“Let he without sin cast the first stone, So I built that all glass quad level first home//
Shatter all of your misconceptions, Hold all of them missing weapons//
You thought I would miss my blessing, The ultimate misdirection ya.”

-King Push


You had to know that this was eventually coming right?

 The G.O.O.D Music‘s President Pusha T officially got the ball rolling with his new album King Push “Darkest Before Dawn.”

  1. “Drug Dealers Anonymous” Pusha T (feat. JAY Z)

 The first single off “Darkest Before Dawn” is the Jay Z assisted “Drug Dealers Anonymous” track. The heavy cocaine references (better known as “Coke lines”) paints the picture of retired drug dealers going to an Anonymous meeting to stop themselves from relapsing.

Read “Drug Dealers Anonymous” by Pusha T on Genius

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