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New Wam G. Entitled “Soot” Feat. Ddand x Grits

Instagram: @Teflonwam

Twitter: @TeflonWam

Soundcloud: Wam G.

Hometown: Montclair NJ

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.32.51 PM (Photo by K.E. Seagraves)

When patience plays a major key in quality this is the results you get The Montclair NJ native Wam G. took a hiatus from releasing music and got to work behind the scenes. 5 Days ago Wam G. released a new track “Soot” featuring Ddand & Grits of The Beatlampers. Seeing new music from Wam lets us know “Thanks For Nothing” should be soon to come listen to the new track below and share.