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Naja Young Releases Visuals to “Cycles”


The feeling of finding amazing artist out of jersey will never change. Witnessing the all around creative ability to direct and sing your own material and on a level of major label production always speaks to real artistry. We feature Naja Young the Union City, NJ Creative and her new visual for “Cycles”. Naja Young is definitley on the list of stand out jersey artist to watch. Check out the self directed visual below.

Directed by: Naja Young

Video Production: Alain Mollinedo

BTS Photography/Set Assistant: Saint Dioni 

Song Production: John Mateo

Song Design: Brainorchestra 

Starring: Kenia Ozoria x @Bekhari x @VXO.lg x @KaylasimoneMoore x @Jsf.img x @Antoriginates