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Jersey Featured Artist: Jay Golding

Instagram: @JayGoldingArt

Twitter: @JayGoldingArt



This featured art series is not just for painters but artist in general. We will feature graphic designers photographers etc… Today we shine the spot light on Jay Golding an artist from West Orange thats doing really dope art. look through the series and check out his social media outlets above. 

“These drawings represent spiritual growth, ancestral and tribal lineage, as well as the concept of alter egos (or multiple personalities as some people call it). The inspiration behind the works varies, but includes traveling, dreaming, conversations, etc. There is no one set way to look at the works, it’s really about how it makes each person feel. And which part resonates with that person. -Jay Golding-

Tribal Arms Tribe Males Watercolor Book Scans 8

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