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Guest Blogger: Dionysus Augus: @Moruf & Ikenna Present For Promotional Use Only LOE Vol. 1

The good brothers MoRuf and Ikenna just recently dropped a nice lil 15 min EP by the name of L.O.E Vol.1, an eclectic and groovy appetizer to Moruf’s upcoming bigger project MOOLODIC. Not to forget either, Ikenna re-releasing CALL ME IKE, this fall season.


On L.O.E Vol.1, MoRuf shows love to his Irvington roots with tracks like CANALSTREET3, a cloud rap sound with a techno-influenced beat that infects you with the feeling of prosperity and makes your feet bounce as you catch every drum-line that is spread throughout the 1-min 32-sec track. My personal favorite track is number 7, called sza/showersbringsflowers. It’s a strong break from what you hear in the beginning parts of L.O.E Vol. 1, as its old boom bap sound engrosses you in a slight headbang that turns into a thoughtful expression, as Mo lightly and calmly glides across the accompanying piano that brings itself to fruition in the background.

I also really enjoy and respects Ikenna’s rawness on Still Love Me(Eastwick) and Regular Sh*t. The grittiness and straightforward bars like “that’s yo car right there?/thassa regular whip” and “N*ggas wasn’t even in my top 3/ I was the only one in my top 3”.

Ike brings a good contrast to MoRuf’s fluidity that resembles a type of poetic spitter, whereas Ike forces his bars and foot in both tracks that he jumps on, in a way that is clearly his style and works well enough for the ears of whoever is listening. This style of hip-hop isn’t my usual cup of tea, but MoRuf and Ikenna have found a way to grab a new listener in me, and I’d definitely recommend others to check my guys out. Check out the project on all streaming platforms and take a listen below. 

Written by Dionysus Augus

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