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“CITY ON FIRE” A Newark Skateboarding Short Film by Sqad NWK

The Newark, New Jersey collective 67 Brx Sqad aka SQAD NWK  just dropped their newest skate video “City on fire.

The video above takes you around the “Brick City” with some talented skaters such as ALIK STALEY, ELIJAH BEST, RUSSEL FLOYD, & QUIM CARDONA, along with the likes of TOMMY CUBA, DAN VODGES, and SEAN COTES. 

However we all know visuals are only half the story, and the sonics of 89 THE BRAINCHILD, SUBJEXT5, KRAK777, I.Q., and ASE MANUAL. 

With the gentrification of downtown Newark well underway it’s good to see some young  Brick City natives taking back their streets.




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