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Celebrate your “INDEPENDENCE DAZE” with OGxHENNY (EP)

Zagg Zagg

We Zaggin all summer 16!!!


Quick question:

Have you ever been to a OG x Henny show?

Caught contact from being too close to Roddy?

Got a cup of Henny passed to you by Henny?

In that case you need to catch up on your 2016 Zagg ish.

Don’t trip, with production from B.B, Bravestarr, Gamerboomin and of course The Great ZKSHRINDEPENDENCE DAZE is here to save your summer.

With Kevin Durant leaving Russell Westbrook behind and taking his talents to Oakland, the dynamic duo of Og Roddy and Heartbreak Henny are the last of a dying breed the “Tag-Team.”

Anyone who has been part of a team can attest to the up’s and downs of working within a group. However to sum up OG x Henny recent rise, I would have to paraphrase the great

Ric Flair:

If you’re a man
You don’t cry about it
Ya take life
The ups and downs
If you’re a real man
Ya never go down ya just stay up”

Zagg Zagg my friends.

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