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Better Than Ever by Kra$h Battle (Album)

Some people gonna

                                      take for granted

                           take what’s handed 

                                                                                            take advantage.”

 Kra$h Battle,

one of the founding fathers of the NJ’s “Dead Rebels Society” is back and,

Better Than Ever.

The new music off this album shows how wide a range Kra$h’s potential is as an artist. The lyrical and sonic growth of the Rahway native is on full display in songs such as “Kaiden’s Interlude,” where he gives inspiration to his son about the up’s and downs of being a man.

Day 1 supporters don’t worry, Kra$h didn’t forget where he came from. This project is flooded with the DRS imprint whether it’s Zkshrs production,  IVTHand Og Roddy on the vocals, or Dolo Filmz  behind the lens. This some of their best work to date. With that being said, listen to the new project below and tell us how you feel about it.

Better Back


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