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Somers Point “BAYFEST”- NEW JERSEY (2014)

Bayfest  Somers Point, NJ is home to South Jersey’s largest one day festival  BAYFEST. As I skated down Bay Avenue on the last saturday in April, with Bass Harbor beside me, warm smiles in the front of me, amazing smells of delicious food from vendors all around me, and not to forget monster sounds coming from everywhere man I knew it was going to be a good day. Being from northern New Jersey I look at my state’s shore points from a NY/ tourist view, I mean sure they’re there in the summertime when I want to hit the beach, but I really don’t know what goes on down there the rest of the year. What I learned from the natives is the whole meaning behind Bayfest is to have one last gathering as a community (before northerners and tourist “me” come with our shoes on) to celebrate the environment and each other.

Check it out for yourself.


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