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2/6/14 Richard Stockton College of New Jersey,

was the site of The S.U.I.T.S x Unified Black Student Society’s

                  ART IS LIFE
The night celebrated black history month in-style. Comedian @BROD_MADEEN kept the jokes flowing, while co-host @SEVEONY2171 put on for the ladies. @DJSASHI orchestrated the music all night long, also setting the tone for all the artist in attendance. Both @ALL_ABOUT_BEA and @WHOISHUFNAGLE created beautiful works of art on-sight. If you didn’t have any swag beforehand, @ADOLIFESTYLE, @DRTYPLTCS, @AMRCNAESTHETICTS AND @SWEETTOOTHTEES had you covered that night. Dance crews RAGE AND ATOMIC LEGACY had the event jumping, however Danny Curtis and Gary smooth things out with some great spoken word. The night was held together by the stylings of @JAYSELLZ, @DONTFOLLOWDAMEO AND @MSTINAPEREZ.
We appreciate everyone that came out to support the show. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Art is Life from THE_SUITS on Vimeo.


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